Fortunes are earned… Don’t give them to the institutions. Pass your fortune to your family..

How do I pass the fortune to my family,  and why is that so important?

The how is, what God told Habakkuk in 2:2. Write my answers plainly on a       tablet so that a runner can carry the correct message to others. To convey anything legally it must be in writing.

Why is it so important? Listen to what the State of Virginia say!

Almost 80% of American adults have NO valid WILL. At death they will leave       the distribution of their estate, and guardianship of the children to the STATE       in which they reside, plus the estate would have to pay a sizeable amount of taxes, and fees. But to ensure that the estates pay the least amount of taxes,     and that you’re estate is rightly distributed at life transition as you would want      it to be divided, a WILL is MANDATORY! The WHY … is to pass your assets at      life transition to your family with a WILL, rather than to the State, without a WILL.

The HOW is to put it in writing.

HE Discovered its Mandatory to Have a Will to Avoid Leaving the
Distribution of Their Estate and
Guardianship of the Children to the State in Which They Reside at life Transition?